Cree Culture and some other amazing things!


Nathan the Cree culture teacher, showing how to properly butcher a freshly caught moose.

Nathan the Cree culture teacher, showing how to properly butcher a freshly caught moose.  

Written by Jamie

Last week, I had the opportunity, to spend a few hours in Nathan’s Cree culture class. This class is offered once or twice a week. Throughout the class Nathan speaks Cree to the students, and shows the students important things such as how to properly butcher animals, amongst many other important traditional knowledge. Nathan is really great with the students, and I can see how engaged some of them are in the class. Whilst, Nathan, along with other students cut the meat off, they laid it on the table and other students prepare the meat. Nathan later packaged the meat and offered me some of it. Although he offered me the meat, I didn’t take it, as I didn’t want to feel like I was imposing, after joining the class. I also didn’t want to take it away from someone else in the community. Later one of the students in my art concentration (Sara) told me that I was a dumdum for not taking the meat. That it is considered rude. So, I learned a few things that day.  I captured the whole class on video and took many pictures, as I think I will be using some of the footage for my artwork.  It has been a pretty interesting few weeks. I am definitely learning a lot, and will have much to think about when I leave her in a month from now.


Table with moose meat. Nathan packaging the meat.


Yummy fresh moose meat.


Animals in Cree syllabics


Eeyou Istchee (the people’s land). Cree territory.


Sabtuan (building were Cree culture takes place.)


Students preparing meat.


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