Student video works

Written by Jamie

Here are a few videos from the first project that I had the students do in class. The aim of the first project was just to familiarise the students with some of the technology that we would be using. We all ended up shooting the videos using the IPad, whilst using the IMovie app. It is a fairly simple editing and video shooting program. Perfect for the kinds of DIY videos that we wanted to make. The main elements that we wanted to promote during this first project were the use of Narration, sound (effects), and to think about what kind of lighting to use.  The video’s only needed to also be around 30 seconds in length, just to get them started. Between the first and second projects that are under way, I introduced the students to a few other techniques and artists who use these techniques. The first artist introduced was Kara Walker. She uses shadow puppets and the silhouette quite extensively in her work, whilst speaking on very historically traumatic experiences. The other technique that I introduced was the use of maquette.  For this I introduced a variety of online videos found through Youtube. This technique was deployed by the late artist Mike Kelly in his last exhibition in London at Gagosian gallery. The students seemed to really enjoy the hands on approach to these techniques, as sometimes making storyboards and video editing can seem perhaps a bit abstract to them. Here are some of the video’s that were made during the first project.



Anne-Margaret 2



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