Sharon Hunter is an arts educator and community/mural artist. Her work is strongly rooted and informed by Land. She is originally from Toronto and has been living in Attawapiskat and now Bruce Mines Ontario. Her painting practice explores urban and rural landscapes and how urban street art sensibilities-spray painting can be transformed within rural contexts.
While teaching art and Native studies in Attawapiskat, she began exploring spray-painting and stenciling images on discarded machinery and vehicles at the local car dump. This painting installation was recognized by the community that led to the Chief commissioning her to paint a mural of the Clan animals of the area on the outside of the Band Office.
She became very interested in continuing painting large murals in rural environments. Over the past 2 years she has been working on a series of Highway 17 billboard murals- “Parallel Route.” This project involved dialogues with settler and First Nation communities in the Algoma district propelling imagery that was important for them to see realized in this mural project. The 4 murals now, complete are situated along Highway 17 depicting layered stories, coming out of local stories, photo documentation that are grounded in these communities relationships to Land and animals.

She explores smaller canvas paintings and experiments with breaking down and layering collected imagery of both city and rural landscapes. In these paintings, she is interested in alluding to various aspects of these landscapes through repetition of line and shape superimposed and woven in with imagery of animals.

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