Lindsay is a mixed Indigenous (Mohawk) / Settler artist, musician, curator and educator who lives and works on the Bay of Fundy, Canada. Born in and belonging to the Kennebecasis River Valley in New Brunswick, and has have lived throughout the Maritimes as well as the Yukon Territory. As a person of mixed Indigenous ancestry, Lindsay seeks to embody what it means to respect Indigenous understandings and engage in self-reflective processes of decolonization and reconciliation.

Lindsay’s place-responsive practice includes music, sound art, performance, sculpture, installation, land art, social practices and writing, and is invested in and influenced by Indigenous epistemologies and cultural practices, such as drumming. Through placing listening, collaboration and improvisation at the centre of the creative process, Lindsay explores the connection between the environment and the body, and engage in a sensorial intimacy with the living land.

As a passionate educator, Lindsay employs traditional and contemporary land-based practices, creativity, play and improvisation as tools for self-awareness, collaboration, experiential learning and community building — revealing that people and the environment are related in dynamic and living ways.

Beyond the solo creative practice, Lindsay is an active artistic collaborator, and has worked on projects with musicians, sound artists, dancers, visual artists and filmmakers. With funding from the Canada Council for the Arts New Chapter program, Lindsay is currently working with the Quiver Artist Collective on a series of collaborative, community-based media art projects throughout Canada that bring together Indigenous and Settler artists.

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