Trained in both anthropology and photography, Kristen is fascinated by the resilience of cultural and religious communities, and the rituals and practices that bind them.
Through research and documentary photography, she has explored the intersections of history, memory and identity. Her project ‘Exposing Yourself a Second Time’ involved research and interviews paired with contemporary and archival photographs to explore whether disturbing colonial photographs can have value for Sami in arctic Scandinavia today.
For the series ‘”I ain’t afraid of no ghost”’, she spent a number of months participating in and photographing the ritual séances of a Spiritualist church, a surprisingly ordinary community where messages channelled from the dead provide earthly comfort, healing and guidance for those grief-stricken or adrift in the world.
Her upcoming project Jõekääru will examine themes of belonging, identity and heritage in the context of an Estonian diaspora community summer camp in Ontario.
Kristen takes a narrative approach, combining portraiture with documentary photography, interviews and archival sources. She strives to expand her awareness of the privileged role of storytellers and to increasingly incorporate collaborative practices into my photography.
Her work has been exhibited at Gallery 1313, Art Square Gallery, Contact Photography Festival and FOTOFOCUS Cincinnati, and published in N by Norwegian, Visual Communication Quarterly, Marie Claire Italy, and International Architecture and Design.

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