Jamie Bradbury graduated from Central Saint Martin’s MFA program in London (U.K) in 2010. His work has been exhibited in North America and through Europe, appearing in such Art fairs as Arte Fiera (Italy), Santorini Biennale (Greece), AACDD Festival (London), Art Toronto, and AQUA Miami. His’ work has also appeared in publications and media such as Canadian Art, Garageland (U.K), Bravo TV, CBC news and Sky1’s Pineapple Dance Studios(U.K). His work are held in private and public collections such as the National Portrait Gallery of Canada.

His work explores the power relationships continually played out through forms of representation. He is mainly interested in questions regarding who has the power to decide what gets represented, and to whom. These works mirror how collective narratives of traditionally marginalised groups continuously and increasingly become co-modified through the lens of the colonial gaze, yet increasingly loose real meaning. Often drawing from both personal and general culturally specific histories, whilst also centering marginalised narratives, he attempts to create sites where cross-cultural translation and pollination can take place. The theme of reawakening, derived from the Swahili word ‘Vuka’ is currently central to my work. He is interested in how this theme relates to the formation of the self and other, and the creation of consciousness within greater society.

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