Fanny “Aïshaa” is a nomadic artist with an unconditional love for colors, ecosystems, the magic found at the heart of communities and the diversity of the world. A self-taught artist, she has learned to draw and paint by observing nature, its mysteries and its symbols, and by coming in
contact with different communities all across the Americas. She initiated herself to the art of painting by becoming involved in numerous community projects centered on street- and mural-art, catalysing on transforming violence, issues into creative positive visions. The power of art in valorizing invisible histories, equality between human beings and the celebration of differences has left a deep mark on her and literally given birth to her voice as an artist. Her love of travels, her nomadic spirit, has guided her through different artistic universes in Brazil, Chile, Guatemala, SenegaL, United States, as well as numerous Canadian and First Nations’ communities. Each wall, painting or creation bearing the signature of Aïshaa, meaning “The one that lives”, seeks to thank the powers of life, diversity, nature, our ancestors and the spiritual connection between generations, and the great history of the world. As important to her as the air she breathes, art is the driving force behind Aïshaa, always pushing her in her quest to explore different communities of the world, to learn and bring voices to intercultural knowledges, way of life that honors Mother Earth and all living things.

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