Daniele Hopkins is an intermedia artist and founder and director of Electric Perfume, a community-oriented and accessible space focusing on tech-related arts and interactivity through exhibitions, events, workshops, socials, and development/playtesting. In her personal practice, Daniele enjoys communicating perspectives and experiences through the manipulation of disparate tool sets, such as audio/video compositions, atmospheric and sculptural tech-art installations, ballpoint pen illustrations, as well as the creation and adaptation of game worlds and interfaces. She often works in the two-person collective, Hopkins Duffield, building interactive projects for galleries, events, commercial spaces, and festivals. One example is The L.E.A.P. Engine, a live-action laser avoidance game featuring a room full of eye-safe lasers going on and off on timers that players must navigate through in a limited time. This project has been featured on Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet, Make: Magazine, Arduino Blog, and others. HopDuff has created formal gallery works in the sculptural/interactive tech-arts sphere, exhibiting in spaces like Museum of Contemporary Art, NAISA, Factory Media Centre, and Interaccess. HopDuff has also worked with commercial clients like Absolut, Ubisoft, The Great Hall, and SPiN Toronto, building interactive projects to accent spaces and experiences. Most projects combine skills and interests that cross between technology, nature, sculpture, and interactivity, and the sculptural component of her works are typically based in discarded, obsolete, or found materials. Daniele’s work is always an exploration of tools, voice, aesthetic, and relationship to the viewer. She is also a lover of insects, and incorporates their majesty in her work where possible.

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