Cheyenne Scott is Coast Salish of the Saanich Nation and a theatre creation artist based in Toronto. Her work is an exploration and a celebration of her indigenous heritage through impactful personal expression and storytelling. She is interested in pushing the genre of theatre through multimedia and diverse representation. She strives to create positive contemporary indigenous characters. Her work is often inspired from the land; actively moving and writing from its sources.

In addition to her independent works, she hopes to encourage the voice of our youth, having previously worked teaching musical performance at elementary schools through Arts Express, and Assistant Directing and Outreach Coordinating for The AMY Project, a free education
program for young women. Her interactive poem UHKE received the Best New Media Award from the imagineNATIVE Film and Media Arts Festival. Additionally, she received a Dora Award for Outstanding Ensemble for her participation in Passion Play. She is a graduate of the Randolph Academy For The Performing Arts, where she studied acting, singing, and dancing. Other writing credits include: Singing River (Pan Am Games), Uprooted (Weesageechak 2014). Other acting credits include: Squawk and Sidewalk Chalk (Geordie Productions), Savage (Native Earth), Grief Circus (Script Scrap).

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